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We believe that WORK is worship, MONEY is a tool, TIME is a treasure, TEAM & CLIENTS are souls to shepherd to accomplish God’s purposes – and the FLAMINGO? Well, that represents the unique and fun things about you God wants to leverage to get the word out more!

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what your business experiences so far, you have a message that can make a difference in God's purpose for someone else's life.

You’ve been gifted your business opportunities as special assignments from God and you need to His confidence and clarity to get it out there to those who need you.

If you're not seeing business this way, you need a reset.

If that's a new idea to you as a Christian who has a business, you need a foundational checkup.

Understanding God's design for business and for you in it is KEY to your success and fulfillment.

Join us for This One of a Kind Business Coaching + Bible Study Membership for Christian Entrepreneurs.

It's time to STOP HIDING your FAITH and learn how to blend it authentically into EVERYTHING you do.

Are You Ready to Do Business WITH God?

The Doing Business with God program combines live Q and A business coaching with personal Bible study and video instruction to help entrepreneurs:

  • Reprogram your thinking and beliefs about God, His Word, yourself, & living out your faith while running a business so you can defeat the sabotaging self-talk and experience growth.
  • Hear from and follow God so you can propel your business forward, in confidence.
  • Conduct Business with Confidence in your uniqueness and God's divine purpose for your life.
  • Make Sales without feeling icky or dirty about it.
  • Clearly Define your Vision and next steps for your business post-COVID and beyond.
  • Get up every Morning looking forward to another day to serve the people you've been called to serve.

Doing Business with God is a monthly business membership program for Christian entrepreneurs in which you'll…

  • Have a renewed understanding of who God is and what that means for you and your business. 
  • Exhibit a new confidence in leading your business in partnership with God and for his glory.
  • Align your business practices with your core values and God-given gifting and vision.
  • Learn the powerful formula for evaluating and confidently making every future business decision.

During the experience, you'll get the opportunity to…

  • Evaluate yourself and your businesses in light of God's Word.
  • Fellowship together with other Christian business owners in a private Facebook group.
  • Apply what you're learning to your specific business situation in live group coaching calls. 
  • Be as accountable as you want to be in the participant group.

This membership program is for YOU if you're ready to live a fully integrated life, follow the Holy Spirit's lead and finally be able to make life and business decisions in alignment with His purpose, and with clarity and confidence.

Choose the yearly subscription to get 2 months free or subscribe monthly, cancel any time, no refunds.

There are a reported 33 million small businesses in the USA this year and 63% of them are profitable (according to Small businesses also create 44% of the United States’ economic activity (GDP). 

So it's a REALLY good time to grow a business in the online marketplace right now, for 3 reasons:

1. Those who can stay profitable and gain client loyalty will survive and will gain the customers who would have shopped with the businesses that are dying off each year. (only 25% of small businesses make it to year 15!)

2. As the world becomes more AI dependent, those who offer personal connection, who exhibit hope and peace while serving clients well will not only survive but stand out and have incredible opportunity for growth in the days to come.

3. Reportedly 82% of believers will buy from a faith-based business before a secular one when given the choice (source).

It's time to STOP HIDING your FAITH and learn how to blend it authentically into EVERYTHING you do.

If you are not confident in who God is and what He wants for your business, your time management, your product creation, your marketing, your service to your audience, customers or clients in these uncertain times, you are getting left behind.

I'll be showing you how to walk out God's TRUTH in your daily business, like no secular business coach could possibly do.

Join Now

This Business membership is only $97/mo (or $997 for the year), and a time commitment of 1-2 hours per week.

This program includes:

  • Doing Business with God our signature 6-week study course and materials ($1500 value) to ground you in truth and introduce you to the community.
  • Monthly on-Demand Trainings with Katie, (including transcripts) and the downloadable workbook materials ($1000 value) so you can continue to grow as the CEO of the business.
  • Monthly Group Coaching with Katie, to get your questions answered around specific application to your business ($1000 value).
  • Monthly Community Prayer Calls with a trained program concierge to facilitate community and healthy discussion ($800 value).
  • A Private Community on Facebook for support during and after the course because we were not meant to do life or business in isolation. (invaluable) for the 24/7 Access to our Community and facilitators through the Facebook group for nearly immediate help, answers and/or prayer as needed during the program ($197 value)


  • BONUS: ebook + audio book of Faith Like Flamingos ($32.99 value)
  • BONUS: Doing Business with God digital course workbook ($14.97 value)

A 3 credit class like Doing Business with God at any Christian university is going to cost about $1500 + the text books. Our higher level mastermind program for Christian entrepreneurs is running $1497/mo in 2024, but we’re offering you the Bible-based business study course and the 6 weeks of training plus ongoing strategic business coaching for just $97/mo.

It's EASY to Get Started:

GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS by choosing your payment plan below

UPON REGISTRATION we'll immediately send you the download link to the included PDF of Faith Like Flamingos ebook, the Doing Business with God digital workbook, and a link to join the Community Facebook group so you can jump in and get started right away.


You'll also get a pkg in the mail with 2 of Katie's books and some mystery swag items shortly after joining.

All you need to do is decide to say “Yes!”

“Yes” to renewing their mind when it comes to how they think about God, business, selling and money 

“Yes” to overcoming the feelings of inadequacy and stepping into confidence and peace

“Yes” to surrounding themselves with a community of like-minded Kingdom business owners

“Yes” to creating a business that honors God and puts his goals first

“Yes, I’m All In!”

My Promise To You:

Upon program completion, my promise to you is that you'll be spiritually refreshed with new understanding of who God is and what that means practically for your business. 

That you'll be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to move your business forward in confidence, to accomplish what he's asked you to do and serve those he's divinely appointed you to serve.

You will gain relationships with other entrepreneurs that will feed your soul for a lifetime.

Your Instructor: Katie Hornor

My name is Katie Hornor. I love marketing and flamingos, but was fed up with faith based entrepreneurs not making enough money to make an impact with their gifts.

I realized that often it stems from incorrect beliefs about God, money, and business in general, so I created this program so that you can KNOW God, confidently embrace His purpose for you and your business, stand out like a beautiful flamingo, and get results in the marketplace.