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Katie Hornor on the TEDx stage holding a flamingo

Hi, I'm Katie

I'm Known as the “Flamingo Lady.”

As a Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach,

I use Flamingos as Metaphors to Coach Marketing and Business Strategy.

Welcome to the Flamingo Advantage

If you've always felt like THE ODD BIRD OUT, a little bit of a misfit, and a little bit misunderstood in your BUSINESS CALLING… You may be a Flamingo. Let me help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS without compromising your FAITH, FAMILY OR CORE VALUES.

A quick study of the MAGNIFICENT and QUIRKY Flamingo will reveal that they THRIVE IN COMMUNITY, are BOLD enough to STAND OUT and not be afraid of predators, and they each have their own UNIQUE VOICE. Wouldn't you love to have those qualities as an entrepreneur?

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Successful Christian Entrepreneurs

Do Business WITH God

You’ve been gifted your business opportunities as special assignments from God and you need to His confidence and clarity to get it out there to those who need you. Join this unique membership program that combines practical biblical wisdom with solid business coaching and a supportive community to give you the foundation you're looking for to grow your business for God's glory in 2024.

Need a Flock?

Are you looking for a faith-based community because your secular network isn't working? We have created that for you: A safe place to be open about your faith and unique challenges in business and marketing.

Searching for Purpose?

Every entrepreneur is created unique and on purpose to make a difference in the marketplace. By embracing confidence you'll not only make more money, but be able to change your world. Get your FREE digital copy of Katie's book here:

Makeover Your Mindset

The best advantage is growing your revenue. Reset your thinking and practice with God's Word so you can grow your business, impact & income this year. Register for our FREE business reset class when you click on the button below.


They say that business and faith don't mix. THEY ARE WRONG and I'm here to prove it. You may have been made to believe that making money is selfish or sleazy. That's wrong too…

You cannot separate you from your faith anymore than a flamingo can separate himself from his color. It's unnatural and nearly impossible. And I believe a calling to serve God in the marketplace is as SACRED a CALLING as ministry.

I'm going to show you how doing business WITH God, allows you to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY, attract the RIGHT PEOPLE to your business and allows you to stay TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR FAITH.


Our entrepreneurial docu-series continues starting May 2, 2024!

Follow our journey from a broke and broken ministry family to BLESSING through a business that helps others be BOLD in their MARKETPLACE PURPOSE.

Leverage Unique!

If you're fighting to fit in, or looking for a FAITH-BASED network because the secular one isn't working – I have created that for you.

While flamingos are unique and stand out in their environment, they do THRIVE IN COMMUNITY and so do entrepreneurs. Join us in one of our programs!

“Katie helped me see that doing business FOR God was not the same as doing business WITH God. I am so grateful for the programs and retreats that speak deeply to the stuck places I am overcoming, even as I coach my own people through theirs. Highly recommended.”


“I have been to four of Katie's retreats now, and the trainings and community are wonderful. I leave each time with more direction, technical understanding, and a better focus on marketing the message God has given me to help Christians live victorious with their finances.” 


Katie helped me grow from hobby to business and begin to think and act like a business owner. As a member I've started a second website, bought another business and written my first book! Katie is my most valuable business growth tool. She is amazing!”


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“Life's too short to be ordinary.”

Katie Hornor

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