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The Becoming Challenge

Are you an entrepreneur with a strong Christian faith, ready to make significant progress in your business, personal growth and purpose? 

I am excited to invite you to a 90-Day Challenge designed to help you achieve your Big Impossible God-Possible Goal in this Quarter. 

This is a unique opportunity to up level who you are becoming to accomplish more in the next three months than you did in the entire last year. It’s definitely a “for such a time as this opportunity.”

What You’ll Gain By Participating:

  • 12 Weeks of Expert Mentorship: Guidance to transform your goal into reality.
  • 12 Weeks of Intense Thought-provoking Assignments: To challenge your perspective and jumpstart your growth.
  • Transformation: If you put in the effort to complete this challenge you will not end the quarter the same person as you are now.
  • Prizes: Participate fully, submit the homework and you could win prizes like books, coaching calls or other resources.

Why This Challenge?

With 14 years of experience helping leaders and entrepreneurs double their income, create sustainable businesses, and live out their sacred calling without compromising their values, and a track record of regularly achieving 80-95% of her goals over the last 5 years, Katie Hornor is uniquely positioned to guide you through this transformative journey – grounded in the Word of God – not modern modern psychology.

This challenge isn’t for everyone though. It requires commitment, deep work, and a willingness to grow. For those ready to take this step, the results will be life-changing. You will never be the same.

How Does it Work?

  • Subscribe to the Challenge – it's FREE
  • Watch the weekly Videos arriving via Email
  • Do the Assignments
  • Submit the Homework
  • Grow, Achieve Goals & Win Prizes

Ready to Transform?

If you’re prepared to achieve your God-Possible Goal and experience unprecedented growth, click the button and join The Becoming Challenge now.

This quarter could be the most impactful of your life.