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2023 Reset

Start the year off right with a RESET of what really matters.

Join the 3-part Business Reset ($497 Value) For Free

Join me for a 3-part video series as we rediscover what Scripture has to say about blending your faith authentically into your business, your ministry and your everyday life.


Grow In The Knowledge of God In This 3-part Journey To
See Your Business as God Does.

With all the upheaval in the world right now – there's never been a more pivotal time to ground yourself in the Truth as we move into the new year.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to go into 2023 with increased vision and understanding of your purpose as a believer in business – for such a time as this…

Here's How it Works:

About Your Host:

Katie Hornor is an experienced speaker, best-selling author and expat entrepreneur in a sleepy little seaside town in México who has inspired millions of people with her books, programs and top 2% global podcast. 

She's gone from barely surviving month to month on ministry donations to running a multiple six figure coaching and consulting company. 

Through her Flamingo Advantage® Framework for client experience & marketing, Katie has helped over 8,000 coaches, consultants and service providers learn to maximize the impact of their expertise by scaling their online programs without compromising their Christian faith, their core values or their non-negotiables.

Katie takes her inspiration from the quirky pink flamingo and believes “Your Message Matters”, You were created to stand out not blend in, and it is possible to find joy in doing “work as worship.”


Dear Fellow Christian Entrepreneur,

All the signs are here… with all that's happening in the world today

It's never been more clear that the “Such a time as this” the book of Esther mentions – for us – is now.

I don't think I've ever been more sure that God put YOU in this century, in this year, in this sphere of influence – for now.

As the new year approaches, many “experts” are already making predictions about 2023.

Only God knows what's going to happen economically or politically because He's the only one whose hand controls the hearts of kings.  


You and I have a choice to make.

We can sit back and try to blend into what's going on around us, OR…

We can boldly step out and be leaders in what God is doing.

God has NOT lost control – and we can be authentic, faithful, kind ambassadors of Christ…

in an economy, political atmosphere and social ecosystem that NEEDS Jesus now like never before.

You were not made to blend in.

You were not given your faith to blend in – but to STAND OUT!

Not in an obnoxious way, but in a kind, confident assured way that inspires trust and encourages people to follow your lead.

And the best part is – God says He'll :

  • Give you all you need to do it (2 Peter 1:3)
  • Actually do it through you! (1 Thess 5:24)
  • And that there's nothing better for you than that you should FIND JOY in the work He's called you to. (Ecc. 2:24)

As we get ready to go into a new year… I'd like to invite you to join a group of believers in business determined that no matter what happens in 2023, YOU will allow God to work through you AND your business.

I believe the best way to set yourself up for a successful year is to start the new year working with God (as opposed to for Him).

To choose to let your internal faith to color ALL that you do in so beautifully and authentically that those standing on the sidelines are left with mouths hanging open in awe – just as we do when we see such unique and fabulous creatures as the flamingo.

To choose to see “doing business” as an act of woship, and to see the marketplace as a mission field.

Others are teaching that you can find “prosperity” by doing X, Y or Z this year…

I'm telling you that God doesn't promise prosperity (as we understand it in modern terms) but He does promise that in His presence the burdens can feel light… 

Are you tired of “work” feeling hard? Tired of it taking joy instead of giving it?

Then join me for a 3-part live weekly journey through the Scriptures during the month of January to rediscover what God has to say about blending your faith authentically into your business, your ministry and your everyday life. .

If you are ready to do business God's way in 2023 then click the button below and be sure to get registered for your business reset right now while you still can for free.

If you hunger for Truth and increased influence in the Kingdom…

and are committed to 2023 being a year of walking with God in your business, personal and ministry life…

then, it's time to stop hiding your pink. Embrace your inner flamingo and walk out your faith boldly in the marketplace.

You're going to love this 3-part Flamingo Biz Reset!

I invite you to click the button and join us for this one of a kind 3-part series for Kingdom-minded believers in business who desire to grow their income, impact and legacy for God's glory.


Katie Hornor

Wife of Tap, Mother of 5, CEO, Coach/Consultant

Founder Of The Flamingo Advantage®

PS: In our Doing Business with God program, hundreds of people gladly paid $497 to get access to this one of a kind training into blending faith and ministry with business…so go click the button below and get access to the 3-part Flamingo Biz Reset training FREE.

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