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Forbes Factor Interview

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Contact: Katie Hornor
The Flamingo Advantage
Phone: 605-592-4108
November 1, 2023

Katie Hornor Takes Center Stage on The Forbes Factor Podcast, Unveils Secrets of Thriving Entrepreneurship, Faith, and Family Integration

Sioux Falls, SD – November 1, 2023 – Renowned author, inspirational speaker, and business coach, Katie Hornor, is captivates audiences as she takes the virtual stage on “The Forbes Factor- Your secret to health, wealth and happiness,” hosted by Forbes Riley. The episode, titled “Unleashing Your Unique Voice,” is scheduled to air on November 1, 2023.

In this dynamic and engaging podcast episode, Katie Hornor uncovers the remarkable synergy between entrepreneurship, faith, and family life. Drawing inspiration from the iconic flamingo, a symbol of audacious individuality and vibrant community-building, Hornor shares her personal journey to empower other entrepreneurs to embrace authenticity, confidence, and purpose in the competitive business landscape.

Hornor remarked, “Flamingos don't hide. They stand out, unapologetically unique, even in a river full of danger. As entrepreneurs, we can take a lesson from that and be bold to do what we were created to do.”

Forbes Riley, the esteemed host of the show, commented, “Katie Hornor, affectionately known as the Flamingo Lady, is a true delight in this episode. Her wisdom is a treasure and she shares so many nuggets for life and business.”

Listeners can tune in to the enlightening conversation on Voice of America or access it on their preferred podcast platform.

For an in-depth exploration of Katie Hornor's transformative insights and expertise, visit her website at

Media Contact: Tresa Salters
Phone: 605-592-4108 (Texts Welcome)

About Katie Hornor: Katie Hornor, an expat entrepreneur based in a picturesque coastal town in Mexico, has inspired a global audience with her best-selling books and innovative approach to business. As a dedicated homeschooling mother of five and ministry wife turned business coach, author, and international speaker, Katie has cultivated a unique framework that empowers entrepreneurs to harness their distinct voices in the marketplace without compromising their faith, family values, or core beliefs. Katie's passion for the quirky pink flamingo symbolizes the belief that everyone is destined to stand out and find joy in their work when it aligns with their divine purpose.

About the Host – Forbes Riley: The Forbes Factor Show Host, Forbes Riley, loves all things manifestation and even coined her own phrase “Forbes’d it.” Forbes’d it means to make your desires happen even if everyone is telling you no. She has been helping people break through their mental barriers, and evaluate their triggers for years through her BreakThru Program. She has worked alongside Self Help Experts like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Les Brown. She has created an empire on guiding people to “Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It.” For more information on the Forbes Riley World, go to