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What does Business Transformation Mean?

Stacey ansley and katie hornor on mint background with flamingo Business transformation

What is business transformation? How can you implement this in your own business or ministry? This is a really big topic that I get asked about a lot. Businesses and lives change over the years, but how do you take the business you have and make it into the business that you want or need? I sat down with Stacey Ansley to discuss this. Here's a peek at what she shared.

Business Transformation from Ministry

Stacey spent about 15 years in Christian ministry with bible translators and the ministry of young life. Then she started a family and realized that young life camping, which is the area where she specifically served, was very summer-heavy. However, she needed and desired to spend some more time with her family during the summer.

So, she made a transition into a family business. Next came the business transformation where they started business coaching a few years later. It all started when they began helping people who were saying, “Wait a minute, how are you doing what you're doing in your business? How are you growing so quickly?”

Why Business Transformation

So, Stacey and her husband started creating their own system around those things and started coaching. They had a lot of success with helping clients build some very successful businesses. So that's how they got to where they are today.

Which let us to discuss the transition from ministry to business. I know that when we came out of ministry into full-time business, which is a mission field of its own right, there was a big mindset struggle. Stacey shared that she did struggle with mindset because she felt like she was making such an impact in ministry and then she realized that other people could make that impact. and She could financially support them through her business and that business was also making an impact. She realized that what she was doing wasn't any less worthy than what she was doing before.

How to Turn Business Around

Part of Stacey's struggle with business transformation was that she didn't even meet Christ until she was 17. She grew up not knowing anything about Christ or ever going to church. Then at 17. she accepted Christ and went to a private Christian college in California. So, naturally she then went into Christian service. Starting a business made her feel like she was stepping away from that service lifestyle. But she soon realized that she was actually stepping into who God fully intended her to be.

I think our culture really does us a disservice by segregating the ministry and the work world. I believe that “Go ye into all the world.” didn't mean just pastors go into all the world or missionaries. it said go ye and ye means you and me, all of us. There's no better way to go into all the world than through your business.

Business as Ministry

God has really shown me the freedom that owning a business has. I have a coach who often says the more money you make, the more good you can do. I think that when you see money as a tool in the hands of God versus a value statement, you're really able to leverage that in a different way.

I love that God has given so many of us believers in business that perspective that allows us to really leverage those tools and resources to do business as worship, to do business as ministry. I know that for us, we've had incredible opportunities for ministry through the business that we never would have had otherwise. I consider that a Flamingo Advantage, that's part of what makes us different and unique.

Unique Ways to Serve

Stacey shared about her Flamingo Advantage, ” I really start with the business owner themselves. So, I have a statement that I'm always saying, ‘The transformation of your business will never exceed the transformation of its owner and you're its owner so you better remember that.”

Excellent point, if you are not growing as a business owner how can you expect your business to grow? So Stacy starts with the owners and makes sure that they have a good mindset, and can handle drama and interruptions. She makes sure her clients are in a solid place, where they're able to think and make decisions from a place of vision rather than a place of fear. They're not reacting, they're planning for the future.

God's Truth for Business

I love that! Bring it back to the truth. What's really going on here, not what I'm imagining, not what I'm fearing but what's actually going on. Then based on those facts, you can make a wise decision based on what you know and that is really true.

That's why I always reference GPS. It doesn't ask you where you've been, it only asks where you are and where you're going. This is something that I talk with our clients about. I think for a lot of believers in business, we're still dealing with a lot of stuff in the past: things people have said, things we have told ourselves, maybe mistakes or failures in the past. We're still like reliving that in our heads.

Business Transformation and Mindset

But today is a new day. God makes all things new. He's already in tomorrow ahead of you, He knows what's coming let's leave that to Him. Let's leave the past behind today. What is the truth of what God is doing? What's the next step you need to take? When you can get clarity on that, then you're able to move your marketing and your sales forward. But if you can't get to the core issue within yourself as the business owner or leader, everything else is going to be out of whack.

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