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When Rebranding is Necessary

Rebranding Katie Hornor on pink background with flamingo

Rebranding, how do you do it? What should you take into consideration? This is going to be really beneficial for you as you consider what your brand does and says. How does it resonates with your people? We need to hold that brand Loosely, we need to allow the Lord to change it with us as we change over time and as our people change as well.

What Rebranding Means

If you have a gift in a box there are a million different ways that you could wrap that box. There's a million different options for how you could present that gift to somebody. But the gift would be the same no matter what it looked like on the outside.

Rebranding with a New Name

So in our business, with our rebranding process, this is what God did. This is another one of those God stories. When we took a family trip in that boat up the river to see the flamingos I had no intention at all of wearing pink or having a flamingo in my house. I'm an elephant girl. I have loved purple all my life. It's not like I was looking for a way to rebrand or looking for inspiration. But when God started bringing those lessons to me, I had to respond.

I started thinking, “Oh man, Christian business owners are like flamingos, aren't they Lord?” And He said, “Oh, yes! You know what else? Here's this lesson over here.”

I've always been one to see those object lessons. So I wrote the book and I though it was great. A flamingo book, how fun. Then I put it out there, and when I did, when people started responding to that message, everything changed.

Rebranding a Business

I started getting messages like:

  • “Oh my goodness, that's such an amazing thing.”
  • “It helps me remember what God is doing in my business.”
  • “It helps me remember who I am.”
  • “Every time I see a flamingo, I remember what you taught me in that book.”

I started getting more and more of these. So I started thinking, “Lord is this a thing? Lord I don't even like pink!”

But, I had to lean into what the Holy Spirit was doing. The more I thought about it, the more I used it with my clients, the more comments I kept getting, the more I had to pay attention to it.

How do You Rebrand a Company

You can't even imagine. I have clients whose husbands buy me flamingos. It just has taken over everything. I couldn't have done this if I wanted to. This was totally a God thing and so there must be something here. The more we started leaning into it, the more God was showing us that there's something here. Flamingos catch attention and all those lessons that I was inspired to teach were lessons that more people need to learn. God kept pushing me to get in front of them with this.

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So the same things that I'm teaching today are the same things that I taught for the last two to three years but we are teaching them from a different perspective and under a different name. Now it's a different outside packaging. but what is on the inside and the reason that I rebranded is to make it more appealing to the people that I'm trying to reach. God has shown me that it helps me to resonate with them. So, I think that it's important for us to to understand that and to hold Loosely our businesses.

What is the Purpose of Rebranding

Things that got you here may not always get you to the next step. Sometimes it's okay to let go of things. I had a real identity crisis when we let go of our LemonHass curriculum business, the actual physical book business, because that was my start in business. That was our story. I had poured so much of myself, my life, my blood, sweat, and tears. There were all of these things that had happened in the trajectory of growing that business. That I felt like by giving that up I was giving up a part of who I was.

It felt like when we transitioned out of ministry into business. A lot of people thought we had given up who we were. I became known as an ex-missionary. Now, I was an ex-homeschool business. There's a lot of stigma in things like that. What God showed me was this has nothing to do with your title, but it has everything to do with who you are, what I've allowed you to accomplish, and who I'm creating you to be.

Rebranding in the Bible

So, I'm still the same person who pioneered a homeschool curriculum method in my second language. I'm still the same person who did all of those things. I'm still the same person who worked under a Paradise Praises brand, and under a Blogging Successfully brand, and then who transitioned into a Handprint Legacy brand.

The Handprint Legacy brand was another story that God used in our life. A story of a handprint on a wall in a canyon cave somewhere. What impact are you making on the world for future generations? That's where our legacy piece came from. We do have a business that is actually an LLC registered business that is Handprint Legacy LLC. So that's been the umbrella business on one side of what we do, the coaching and Consulting for our masterminds, and our seven and eight figure clients.

Name of Business versus Brand

The flamingo brand took off over here under the Handprint Legacy umbrella. New people often don't know that your business name, the name you pay taxes under doesn't have to be the name of your book or your program. The business name that you pay taxes under can have lots of different components under it.

You could draw an umbrella and every one of those little triangles on the umbrella could be different aspects of what you do. So, you may have a podcast, a blog and whatever else you do, but it's all part of the umbrella of the business that you have.

What we're doing and what we're teaching has remained the same. It's how we're packaging it that is different. So that it's more relatable to our people. In all that you're doing, the messaging that you're putting out to the world needs to be consistent with what you do, even though sometimes the Lord will transition that into different packaging. 

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