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Can Public Speaking be a Career

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More people are afraid of public speaking than anything else. It is something that knows no age, race, nationality, or socio-economic background. But, public speaking is a skill that creates opportunity. So I sat down with Lisa Vanderkwaak to discuss how getting over your fear of speaking can help you share your unique, Flamingo Advantage.

Let's have Lisa share the value of communication skills and how it relates to your Flamingo Advantage.

Can you make a living as a public speaker?

The ideal woman that I like to work with and I know that will benefit the most from what I have to offer is a Christian woman in leadership. Maybe she's a leader in ministry or she's an entrepreneur or an influencer in some way. She's really impact driven. So, she's been speaking for a bit but, she knows that there's more impact she can have. Not only that, she she also wants to learn how to use her message to expand her influence and also to expand her income. So she can have more resources to do what God's called her to do. That's someone who I work with best.

Is public speaking in high demand?

I have worked with clients who have never spoken before. The ideal is someone who has just gotten themselves out there and find she needs some help. There are people who want to do speaking as a career, and others who want to add speaking to their business plan. It is important business owners to improve how they speak.

However, for the vast majority of my clients, 99.99 percent, it is part of their marketing plan. Some of them want to be professional speakers but they don't really understand what that means. But most of them know that they have to speak in whatever they're doing: ministry, marketing, media, etc. They know that this is something that they need to grow.

Why do speakers get paid so much?

So it's really even though they may not say it, public speaking is actually an important part of their marketing. Everywhere we go we are talking to people. We are teaching people something. So I feel that is the similarity between public speaking and running a business. You're always communicating the value of what you do in one way or another.

Whether it is on an interview, on a stage, in your TikTok video, or your Youtube trainings, we're always communicating. There's always ways that we can improve that.

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Speaking Skills for Business

I used to say this on my on my marketing, speaking or communication skills are no longer just a nice asset. It's now an essential asset. It's something that actually is a differentiator. For example, if two people were vying for the same position at a job and one of them had higher developed communication skills with everything else the same, that person would get the job because that is something that is developed over time. Yes, you can learn it but if someone already shows a mastery, that actually brings a confidence. There are so many other factors to it, so you cannot get away from communication anymore.

The beautiful thing is that now it's actually much easier than it ever has been to speak. There are so many opportunities to be a communicator. It's very much an advantage. One of those things that make you stand out.

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The Flamingo Advantage is all about what is the thing that God has gifted you with that makes you different, makes you unique and makes you stand out in the world. I think that communication is definitely one of those things that can improve that standout factor and give you something more to leverage in the way that you get your message to the world.

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