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Personalized Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy and tactics pink marketing Katie Hornor on pink background with small flamingo

What is your marketing strategy? You can blend your faith into your business. You don't have to hide it, you can be boldly you just as you were created to be in the marketplace. We're gonna dive into some pink marketing strategies. So what is a pink marketing strategy? I have created an acronym:

  • P stands for personalization
  • I stands for Innovative out of the box, unique,
  • N is Niche specific
  • K is kind and Kingdom aligned

Marketing Strategy Framework

So, pink marketing strategies are a personalized marketing framework rather than a formula in that it has to be applied to you personally. You can have a strategy to post on social media every day. But the personalization piece comes in when you create a framework of what you need to post for your brand, for your people.

An example could be a strategy of celebrating a couple of quirky holidays every month in our posts that we post on social media to get engagement. Maybe it has nothing to do with your brand, but you want to bring in some fun. You want to garner some comments and some visibility. So you pick a couple of holidays that either you personally like or that are in alignment with your brand and what you do for folks. You may choose to celebrate those and put up a post on your social media.

Marketing Strategy Versus Tactic

So the posting is the daily posting is the strategy, but then you add the personalization and how it applies to you and your people. You want to be asking questions like what are they thinking right now? What are they feeling right now? What's happening in our world this month and how can I be part of that conversation with my people? How can I personalize what I'm doing in the strategy of posting new social media every day to be able to attract my people and get that attention to go further?

Then you can take that same personalization to any strategy. If you have an email strategy, if you have another marketing strategy, or even an onboarding strategy. How can you personalize it to your people and make it important to them? Look at it from their perspective and personalize it so that it gets you better traction and bigger results.

Marketing Strategy Goals

The next piece in pink marketing strategies is the I and that is the Innovation that is the uniqueness that makes you stand out and be different. Many people say well you've got to learn how to do it before you can innovate. Repeat it, perfect it, and then innovate. That may be true, but the innovation piece comes with saying, “Okay that's the strategy how can I improve it? How can I take what is the proven strategy and improve it in my world?

That takes a lot of trial and error. It takes a lot of testing. My mentor, Jeff Walker, says everything is a test. Continue to test at every step. That also means that I can't take results personally when it is a test because we're testing to see what works:

  • this against that
  • this headline against that headline
  • testing this image against that image
  • this download against that download
  • this landing page against that landing page
  • this video against that video

How to Apply PINK Marketing

Continuing to test and innovate is essential. How could we improve this? How could we make this better for the people that we serve? The point in marketing is not to get them to say yes to me, it's to get them to say yes to the next best step for them. So my my strategies and my Innovation have to be leaning into that. What is the next best step for my people? How do I help them get to that place of clarity that they know that yes Katie is the one for me I absolutely need to sign up with her or absolutely not that's not what I need right?

Now both of those are clarity wins for our people. Our job in innovating with our marketing is to what can we do better at each step to help them gain that clarity faster and easier prior to making that commitment.

Which Strategies Work

The next one is the letter N in p i n k for pink marketing strategies. The N is niche specific all right there are so many opportunities that come up. As entrepreneurs, we often have the shiny object syndrome. Everything catches my attention. “Oh, I need to do radio and I need to do podcasts I need to do YouTube. I need to write a book and I need to do a speaking tour.”

What is Niche specific to you and to your people? I was thinking the other day had this big shiny object syndrome experience. I thought, “Wouldn't it be amazing to create an app for my people?”

But, when I went to my Facebook group and I asked “How many of you use your cell phones to get information from the people that you follow?”

Nobody was interested. Everyone responded, “Nope, I'll just go to the website when I need the info.”

Shiny Object Syndrome

So, that shiny object. if I had jumped in on my own thinking that this would be amazing I without taking into consideration my niche, my people, and what they want I could have gotten into a lot of trouble in terms of of investment of time and resources. That really wasn't something that my people would embrace or want at all.

So be really careful that what you're doing is Niche specific, personalize it to you, your brand, and your people. Innovate it, always looking how can you make this better but also niche specific. Embrace unique marketing ideas in your Niche. Do the things that you want to be known for.

Marketing for Your Niche

Answer the questions for the things that you want to be known for. Offer your expertise for the things you want to be known for. Don't go speak on a podcast on something totally unrelated to what you want to be known for, because that's not helping you. So, with your marketing, if you're going to keep it pink you got to keep it in alignment with your niche.

Then the last one, k stands for kind and Kingdom aligned. They will know you're a Christians by your love. As scripture says, we've got to exude kindness, exude the love of Christ in everything that we do. Does that mean we don't make judgment calls? Absolutely not, I had to make a judgment call this week in terms of something that I was not willing to be associated with because of the poor quality of the work.

Business Plan versus Marketing Plan

We have to make judgment calls in our business, but we can do it with kindness and we can do it in a way that does not deprecate, depreciate, or demean the person that we're working with. So, kindness, kindness, kindness! I can't stress enough that kindness gives you the opportunity for relationship which can lead to amazing opportunities both for business advancement and for Kingdom advancement.

That is the second thing that K stands for, Kingdom aligned. Make sure that the opportunities that you take in your marketing and in your business align with the kingdom principles that you are trying to live by and run your business by.

  • What does God want for this?
  • Is this an opportunity He wants me to embrace?
  • Is this a marketing strategy or formula that He wants me to use or is there a different way he wants me to go?
  • Is this Kingdom aligned?
  • Is it align with the core values that I have?
  • Does it align with Biblical principles that I value?
  • Does it align with the priorities that I have in my life or that I've set for my business during this particular time?

There may be amazing opportunities for you out there, but does it align with the kingdom principles that you are bound to live by? Does it align with the priorities God and you have set for this time in your business? Is it kind?

So that's the pink marketing strategy in a nutshell. How can you make your marketing PINK?

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